I have read many books in my lifetime and almost all of them have been amazing. I’ve read books that put me to sleep and I’ve read books that I just couldn’t put down. I decided that I wanted to share with you my top picks for the best Christian fiction books of all time. I truly believe that these books are the best Christian fiction books ever written. Each are different in style and content but all do a fantastic job of creating a thrilling story line that kept me turning the page. These were the books that I just couldn’t put down because I had to know what happened next.

The Third Target-by Joel Rosenberg

The Third Target-by Joel Rosenberg

This was definitely one of the best books I have ever read. It takes place in several locations. One location is in a penthouse office in the heart of Washington D.C. occupied by a high ranking government official, and the other location is in the Middle east.

The story is from the viewpoint of a renowned journalist named J.B. Collins who is famous for covering the most dangerous and life threatening stories across the globe. Collins loves the thrill being right in the center of the action. He finds himself following a rumor that ISIS radicals have weapons of mass destruction and plan to use them on the United States. He is determined to get to the bottom of the rumors which takes him into the heart of ISIS territory searching for answers. His many near-death experiences forces him to rethink his position with God. His perilous adventures lead him to accepting Jesus Christ as his savior.

Black: The Birth Of Evil-by Ted Dekker

Black: The Birth of Evil-by Ted Dekker

Caught between two worlds, Thomas Hunter must face evils in each. It all started with a chase through an alley in Denver in which Thomas suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Thomas passed out from the wound and found himself alive and well in a completely new world. He wakes up to find himself in a forest of black, twisted trees with black bats called Shataiki attacking him. With hundreds of Shataiki eating away at Thomas he falls unconscious due to a severe loss of blood. While being unconscious in the world with the Shataiki Thomas awakens in Denver. Confused and disoriented, Thomas returns to his apartment in which he finds his sister coming home from work. Frightened by his recent experience, Thomas tells his sister all about what happened with the men chasing him and the other world and about the strange black bats attacking him.

Disturbed by this, his sister decides to write it off as craziness until Thomas shows her his wound from the gunshot. This sent her into a frenzy, seeing as how she is a nurse. She made him lie down and she dressed his wound. Exhausted from the chase, Thomas fell asleep on the couch in his apartment with medical bandages wrapped around his head, hurtling him into the future.

Left Behind-by Tim Lahaye

Left Behind-by Tim Lahaye

Reports of millions of people disappearing around the world are flooding the news channels. Reports of elderly people disappearing in the blink of an eye, young children vanishing from their mother’s side, and pregnant woman’s bellies going flat as if there was no baby there to begin with. Rayford Steele, commercial airplane pilot, husband, and father, was in the middle of a routine flight when all of a sudden his flight attendant informed him that several of the passengers have disappeared. Rayford, thinking they were just somewhere on the plane, told his flight attendant to keep it quiet and just search the plane.

What the flight attendant found disturbed her. She found absolutely nothing. They were gone. Vanished, 30,000 feet in the air. Alarmed by this she reported it to Rayford and he made an announcement over the intercom calming the remaining passengers, because by this time they began to realize what happened and began to panic.

At the same time this is happening, millions of people across the globe have vanished without a trace as well. What happened? They were here just a second ago and now they are gone. Where on earth could they have gone?

Turns out they aren’t on earth anymore.

The Oath-By Frank Peretti

The Oath-by Frank Peretti

With the mysterious tragedy at Hyde River, a nature photographer’s brother goes in search for answers. Cliff Benson, a nature photographer, was found dead near Hyde River, his remains were, well, half the story. Found severed in half, Cliff was with his wife on camping trip in the woods near Hyde River when something terrible went wrong. Thought to be a ferocious bear attack by medical examiners, Cliff’s unusual fatality was written down in the books as a record-breaking bear attack. However, according to an eye witness, Cliff’s wife, there appeared in the night sky a huge dark shadow that blocked out the light of the moon and the surrounding stars. The shadow swooshed from the heights with its razor sharp wings and sliced the tops of the pine trees grabbing Cliff with its fatally sharp teeth.

Horrified by what she was seeing, Cliff’s wife began to ferociously attack the shadow until it threw her off of it knocking her unconscious. She later came to and ran to get help almost being flattened by an oncoming truck. Now as to why the shadow came for Cliff is a reason that nobody wants to talk about. Searching for answers to his brother’s death, Steve sets out into the town to ask around to see if he can get any information about this shadow. Steve knows he is getting close to something somebody doesn’t want him to find out when the sheriff of the small town tries to run him out of town, twice.

Can Steve find out what secret the town is trying to hide, if he can find the shadow and kill it before it kills him?


I recommend you read each of these books because as you can read in the summary of each, they are the BEST Christian fiction books ever. I would love to hear what some of your favorite books are so please leave your comments or the title of your favorite Christian fiction book below. I would love some new titles to check out. Who knows? Maybe I will even write a review about it here.

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  1. I liked how descriptive each summary was and am very interested in reading them. One book I think is a very good one is This Present Darkness by Frank E. Peretti. It is one of my favorites and would love you do a review on it.

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