Welcome to Chrisitan Library! My name is Ryan and I just want to welcome you to my website. This website offers the latest reviews of best-selling christian fiction books and authors. I have found and collected many reviews from several well respected websites. Each website having their own opinion about each book. I will also provide a list of many christian fiction books with links to the reviews and different websites you can use to buy the books if you wish to read them for yourself.

My Story

Like I said before, my name is Ryan, and I am the founder of Christian Library. I am a current junior is high school, age 16, and I have been interested in christian fiction all my life. I love the thrill of reading and exploring new worlds within each book. Just a little background information, I have one sister, two dogs, lots of books, and I love to read.

When I went to my old high school (I am going to college right now as part of a Middle College High School program) I had a lot of free time on my hands because I would finish my work and have nothing to do for the rest of the class. I decided to do something with all this time I had on my hands, so I checked out a book from my local library. When I was in elementary school I stumbled upon Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series for kids and fell in love with it. I figured that since I liked that series so much I figured that I would give his adult series a shot too. So I checked out the first book in the series, Left Behind, I instantly fell in love with it, and over the course of two years I had read his complete series twice.

Ever since then I have been reading many christian fiction authors including Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, and Joel Rosenberg. Each book I have read has been an amazing journey and a thrill each and every time. The thing I love about Christian Fiction novels is finding the hidden parallel to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the absolute best part of the novels I read.

My Faith

I grew up in a Christian home with a Christian family. I have been going to church my entire life, and I have even preached a few sermons here and there (short ones). However, my faith never came alive to me until I went to a public high school. There they did not have the same God that I did and they didn’t talk the way I talked. There was hate and bitterness and anger there which I had never experienced before. I found myself having to decide each and every day how I was going to act and talk, and having to deal with the consequences of my actions. I found it harder each day to keep from falling into the crowd and doing what was cool to do at the time. Once I transferred to the college I am at now all that went away because with college came the college schedule. By that I mean that I did not have to stay on the campus for 7-8 hours straight, which meant that I did not have to listen and see all the immaturity I experienced at my old high school. However, with this came new temptations and struggles. With college came the struggle against procrastination, not only in my school work but also in my faith. Prior to this I was doing devotions with my girlfriend every morning before school. Now that I don’t have to be at school at 8 o’clock in the morning I get to sleep in. when I sleep in I don’t get to spend time with my Lord. I began falling away from my time with God and began to fill my time with other things such as school, work and spending time with my girlfriend. This brings me to the present. I am currently trying to get back into doing devotions with my girlfriend and on my own time, so that I can spend time with my God.

Why I Made This Website

I chose to make this website because I felt that by giving a list of my Christian books and by reading them myself it would help point me back in the direction I need to be going, towards God. I feel that I am helping spread God’s Word by giving a list of Christian books and authors that create novels that give comparisons to the Bible. They create the parallel to the Bible and I create a way for you to find their books. I aim to help Christians and non-Christians alike in finding good reading material that will point them back towards God.

My Goal

The goal of my website is to create a list of many Christian fiction books so that people can buy them and enjoy the book they chose to read. My goal is to spread Gods Word by giving people something interesting to read so that they will become interested in reading the Bible. I want to help spread God’s Word and His children’s books. I want to help bless each and every author for the work that they have done in providing quality reading material with a meaning.
If you ever need a hand, have any questions or if you have a book or author in mind that you feel should be on this website, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ryan Coupe



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